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dot: Church Planting Essentials

Guided by the 12 Biblical Principles Of Church Planting, Church Planting Essentials’ interactive and comprehensive instruction is designed to enable prospective planters to avoid church planting “land mines”, plan prayerfully, receiving discernment while pursuing their vision effectively.

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dot: House Church Planting

House Church Planting uses the four fields method to teach you how to plant a simple house church through evangelism and discipleship. No matter how big your team is or how many resources you have, this course will give you the tools to plant effective multiplying churches within your community.

Four Fields of Kingdom Growth


What Our Students Have to Say

After having gone through this entire training program, I am struck to the core. I didn't know most of the stuff discussed here. Indeed it dawns to me now why I've been witnessing some of the churches stop operating, abandoned, doors and gates locked. Mother churches have become barren, no daughters born. Oh! This is really the honest truth, great commission no fulfilled. 

Yes, your program clearly outlines in simplified detail what one needs to know and strategic methods to be adopted in church planting crusades. Everything is well structured and distinctly tabulated for easy understanding and followed up. Thanks very, I am looking forward to incorporate and apply everything I have learned from this program to advance the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ.
From USA
Very dear the great responsibles, l believe totally that your organization is a great and best organization for the world. It is a great blessing for everyone and you are taking the time for realizing a great work.Then you are completely called to proclaim the Christ's gospel and reach his people according Matthew 28:19-20.l am a senior pastor and l plant three churches and my great dream is to plant more than l can for accomplishing the great commission.

In my area, there are four Commons and several communal sections and we dream to evangelize, teach ,baptize and plant churches after. Please, l feel very happy, thrilled for your great and best work.l am sure that my faithful God will not miss to bless you plentifully for that.keep up the same great work, wisdom and other great goodness.yours faithfully.
From Kenya
I praise God that I found this. I have been leading a church since 2006. Our Church has grown to almost 400. Our next step is to plant a new church and this training would is of big help to us.
From Philippines
This is a one kind training that will equip us and give birth to a proper part of my area of calling in the Lord today.
From Nigeria

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